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Mortgage with the rate of interest 5,49 % p.a.

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We can arrange the lowest interest rate for You together with complete services.

Requirements for MORTGAGE

We can tell you what the maximal amount of a mortgage for you is. Some mortgage banks allow you to purchase a real property anywhere in the Czech Republic even if you have your permanent residence outside the Czech Republic. You can get a mortgage only with any residence permit („přechodny pobyt“ or „dlouhodobý pobyt“). You can get a mortgage up to 70% - 85% or 100% LTV (Loan To Value). It depends on several facts (nationality, type of income, salary, marital status).

If your permanent residence ("trvalý pobyt") is in the Czech Republic you can get even 100% mortgage. There are a lot of differences and every bank can have special conditions (e.g. you have to sign notarial deed, you have to have the bank account in the bank for 6 months, you must have a deposit in a bank in amount of 6 monthly instalments, etc).

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