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Refinancing of the mortgage

Loan refinancing means the repayment of the previous lending obligation, i.e. loan or credit provided by a legal entity or private individual the purpose of which was to invest in real property. Thus you may benefit from spreading the mortgage repayment to a longer period or get a loan charged with a lower interest rate than the previous one and concurrently reduce the burden on the family budget.

Loan refinancing means the repayment of the previous lending obligation.
If you want to repay your current mortgage, building
savings loan, or another loan with another bank you
can use our tailor-made offer with preferential terms:

Arrangement and maintenance of your default.
mortgage free of charge
• Fast arrangement and minimization of mortgage-related expenses
• Possibility of increasing a new mortgage loan
• We negotiate an acceptation property valuation documented to your current bank
(under certain conditions)

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